12 Jul 2014


One thing that has been very evident this week is the importance of children and extra help.

The week started off with very warm humid weather and we were treated to a visit from school children who attend Whitefriars, St Michaels Norwich and St Michaels King Lynn.  They indulged in a number of activities across the estate and were well received on the veg patch were they got their hands dirty lifting early potatoes and planting their very own bean seed to take home.  Next they were whisked off for a tour with the landscape manager to discus the history of the walled gardens. We have regular school visits and they are always a pleasure.
Our wonderful volunteers have done the business again this week, taking on the maintenance and care that can be overwhelming for our staff especially after warm and wet weather.  These guys come week in week out to do their bit for the walled garden and although the ranks are beginning to swell we still welcome new blood with open arms.  If you are interested in volunteering please get in touch.
We had an extra group of volunteers in the walled garden this week.  Writtle College were quite happy it seemed to camp near the walled garden through the occasionally very wet weather to help us start building our soft fruit beds next to the vegetable patch. Ben, Simon and Nigel led a group of fantastically enthusiastic young adults whom I'm certain will all go on to have fantastic careers.
Here they are doing the all important surveying and setting out.

It wasn't long before they were laying the bricks and casting an expert eye.
Lots of hard work.

And the end result was brilliant.
These beds will be home to this years winter vegetables to supply the hall.
Thanks Writtle.
p.s....................................There's always one isn't there?



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