6 Jul 2014

Growing and maturing

As you can see from the following picture and if you are a regular visitor to the blog here at Holkham you will be able to see all the work we have done over the last year and half is really starting to mature.

The next photo shows that since the school children planted the events room, the plants have been busy growing with all this sun and rain we have had. The transformation that is happening this week too will add to the room. ( A touch of Alice in Wonderland)

Next week we are hosting Writtle College for their end of term working holiday. Hopefully this will finish in the last of the pathways being built.
After all this, for the Landscape Manager all attentions are now turned to the next growing season planning the new beds and also how to improve the old ones. Alliums and tulips will be featuring heavily, plus hopefully a lot of soft fruit.

The cut flower room has now given us cut flowers for the Hall since the second week in May and we hope this will continue until late October.

Just for fun does anyone know the name of the plant below, which has been chosen by the Landscape Manager?

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