26 Jul 2014

Fruits of our labour

There is no denying it, harvest time is fast approaching, some early signs are evident in the walled garden.  The pears are very nearly ready and thanks to summer pruning will be ripening nicely over the next few weeks.  We have been regularly sending stone fruit such as peaches and apricots up to the hall and even the first few plums.
The allium bed on the veg patch has been lifted and left to dry on the surface, this is so we can make onion and garlic ropes to help store them.  Laid out flat like this helps you see the different colours of onions.
Herbs are reaching a peak in terms of aromatic oils at their best in the hot and dry weather.
We are very pleased with our vineyard and although not yet producing fruit we are certain they are establishing well to produce an abundance of grapes in the next few years. 
It's not all about the food though, there are still plenty of flowers in their full glory, many of which are not only used to please our visitors but also provide for our florists who expertly decorate the Hall with them.



Its really tough working in the walled garden at the moment as there is a massive temptation to just sit, relax and reap the rewards of the hard work put in by ourselves and our volunteers, however we strive to push on and make the walled gardens even better.

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