14 Jun 2014

Fruit, Flowers and Fun.

The eclectic mix of plant material in the walled garden offers a fantastic assortment of life at different stages of growth.  Fruits are starting to appear, such as this magnificent peach in our vineries, the trees were planted just last year so we are thrilled with the amount of growth and fruit that they are bearing.

Our Wintersweet or Chimonanthus praecox is also expecting, once ripe the unusual looking pods will be harvested and some of the seed will be stratified and sown for a new generation.

Embryonic pears are swelling on a daily basis turning our thoughts to pear juice, desserts and the essential summer pruning.

Its not all about the fruits though, there are still plenty of flowers in evidence, a notion seconded no doubt by the volunteers and gardeners who have been busy dead heading. Dead heading helps to encourage fresh flower regrowth.  Below our Calistemon is a delight framed by the original brick of the 18th century walls.

While we are looking at the red part of the spectrum it seems fitting to show you our Astrantia major also.

The cut flower room has been very busy churning out an abundant supply of blooms for the florists in the Hall, who are tasked with creating stunning floral displays for the family and our visitors.
On the Veg patch the hungry gap is receding and our harvests now include Beans, Peas, Turnips, Salad onions, Radish,  Early potato, Globe artichoke and Cucumbers.  This week we installed an irrigation system to help keep the thirsty vegetables growing in our sandy soils throughout the hot summer.
Last but by no means least, Thursday saw us host our annual Volunteer BBQ.  The event was very well attended and received.  The excellent weather augmented a fantastic atmosphere fuelled by top notch food and drink.  This fantastic setting is a perfect venue for us to say a massive thank you to our fantastic volunteers who work hard all year round.  There is a real feeling of progression and this is largely thanks to the efforts of the volunteers who support the full time staff, so if we haven't said it enough all ready.


 If you are interested in volunteering at Holkham walled garden please contact. p.oldham@holkham.co.uk or pop in to see us for a friendly chat.

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