30 May 2014

Around the garden.

Its been a bit of a soggy half term at Holkham walled garden.  Although the rain was welcomed and much needed it possibly hung around longer than necessary.  There was however some light at the end of the tunnel when on Friday the sun made an appearance and allowed us to get back to working with and on the soil.  The bees were busy as usual and didn't let the rain deter their gathering duties.
The rain is always a good excuse to get the indoor work done, pricking out young herb seedlings was on the agenda and we even had the volunteers companion plant summer bedding around the tomatoes.

The grapes in the Vineyard are really starting to put on growth now and promise an exciting future for that part of the garden.

The Events room recently planted with seasonal bedding (by schoolkids), is starting to fill out and even the first hints of colour are in evidence.

The Walled garden boasts a huge old Mulberry tree, but did you know we also have a Paperbark Mulberry?  This plant historically used in Asia to make paper has an amazing looking fruit at this time of year.

Broussonitia papyrfera

The Veg patch is slowly filling up with direct sown seeds and transplants from the greenhouse.  The end of the 'Hungy gap' is in sight and just this week we took to the Hall the first harvests of Turnips along with the usual salad crops.

It's the time of year when the garden hits a plateau of flower and foliage.  While some plants are just starting to flower other are setting fruits, while yet others are still to even emerge from the soil.  It sets us up for a great succession of colour for the months ahead.
 Speaking of colour i shall leave you with this Rose that I've found to be very popular with visitors. ' Rhapsody in Blue'


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