13 Jan 2012

What do people read on this blog?

Washington filifera
A recent article looked at the 9000 page views on this blog over the past year and the origin of the readership. Statistics are also available to show which of the 200 articles people are accessing. There is overwhelming interest in the Washington filifera, the large palm tree. 10% of the entire readership in fact,  which is just as well because the Gardeners at Holkham have lavished so much time and attention cosseting the large specimen that has come out of the Orangery. It has to be wrapped up in its own haystack during the winter.

The  four most popular articles this year have all been botanical; the Washington filifera, the Aesculus wangii (a tree planted in Holkham this year with enormous conkers!), Peach Blossom and  Robinia Pseudoacia Black Locust, the stately tree in the north west corner of the Arena of plants. 

The second four attracting readership have been Viburnum x bodmantense 'Dawn', (which is blooming in the north east corner of the Arena of Plants at the moment and smells delightful), Fig cuttings (Ficus caica), Skimmia japonica 'snow white', and Pieris japonica 'Valley rose'. 

Wrapping the Washington filifera Dec 22nd 2011

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  1. I live in Washington State, U.S, near Seattle and have seen many attempts to get Washingtonias to grow around here. Most winters are too cold and too wet. Fantastic idea wrapping the entire palm with hay! We'll try it over here...
    Lake Stevens, WA USA


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