19 Feb 2011

Early Grass Cutting

February and Holkham gardener Daniel Beresford   has already started grass cutting with a 'bit of a tidy up' in front of the main gates to the Holkham Walled Garden. An early cut like this needs the blades of the mower set high and lowered later in the season as the grass becomes stronger.
How much grass is cut at Holkham? As a rule of thumb the grass the size of a football pitch produces 1 ton of grass clippings each year, equal to 9 tons of grass for every acre (mulching website.
Tim Marshall, Head Gardener points out that in a year , "Including the holiday park we cut roughly 50 acres or so of grass".  That's 450 tons of grass. In case you were wondering, an elephant weighs around 4 to 6 tons.

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