15 Nov 2010

November Mulching

November in the Holkham Walled Garden. Jonathan Taylor, Deputy Head Gardener, and Glenn Joyce, Gardener, are finishing the mulching along the inside east wall. The rabbits are being a real pest so all the new plants are surrounded in chicken wire for protection.

(For best results with the video link, move your cursor to the top right hand side as it gets going and click on 'download', that way it won't sop and start.)


  1. Hi Sandra - a good series of posts from the walled garden. Thought you'd like to know that the video of the men mulching has those stop start problems again. Like your short interesting texts - well worded each and every one.

  2. Thanks Joan, I've posted a note to explain about clicking on 'download' which speeds it all up and appears to download as you watch.


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