30 May 2016

Volunteer power.

The Holkham walled Garden project is only possible because of the hard work our volunteers contribute.  One of our volunteers Kate gives us a taste of her time at the Walled Garden.

"I've been volunteering for nearly 18 months now; still a newbie compared with some other volunteers who have witnessed the transformation of the walled gardens from the jungle it was some 5 years ago.

In my time here I have seen and been lucky enough to be part of the team of volunteers improving and developing the gardens under expert guidance. We have come along way and the results, given the limited manpower, are impressive. But there's room, lots of rooms ( the name given to each walled garden) extending over 6 acres, to work on.

At long last we have the weeds under some control and are consequently more free to concentrate on the glorious array of flowers, fruit and veg. Such that at the end of the day I can look back with a certain amount of pride and satisfaction at what we have achieved.

It's lovely when new volunteers join the team, as we have a bit of fun, chatting and having a laugh, whilst managing to work hard, the more volunteers the less weeding we each have to do and the more creative the tasks we get to do!"

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