24 Jul 2011

Doughnut Peaches

The Doughnut Peaches are ripe and ready to eat in the back walls of the high vinery. So called because of their flattened shape, they are becoming very popular according to an article in the Guardian newspaper back in 2009.

"It seems too good to be natural, this fruit. But as they said of the Thai aubergine, just because it's cute doesn't mean it's been genetically modified. This is a bona fide peach species, first grown in China in the 19th century. What is surprising is that they've taken so long to catch on, because they are perfect for almost everybody. Supermarkets love them because they are flat, so you can stack them in a more orderly fashion. Kids love them because they look just like doughnuts and are smaller and more hand-shaped than regular peaches. Adults love them because they have a different, many would say better, flavour, sweeter and with an almond top-note." Guardian 2009

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