4 Jun 2011

Robinia pseudoacacia. Black Locust

There is a special scent in the air from the white blooms of the  Robina pseudoacacia (false acacia) also known as Black Locust along the pathway of the Holkham Walled Garden. It can be found in the western side of the second section or 'room'  known as the 'Arena of Plants' much of which which has been newly planted and is currently behind rabbit proof wire netting. It is a fascinating tree, and worth  reading about on the  Wikipedia  website because of the wealth of information there. 
The tree is a native of the south eastern United States and was introduced into Britain in 1636. It is a highly prized tree for its wood as it is one of the heaviest and hardest woods in North America. Apparently as a young man, Abraham Lincoln spent much of his time splitting rails and fence posts from black locust logs, and no wonder, as the heartwood can last over 100 years in the soil without rotting. 

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