8 May 2011

Holboellia latifolia

As you walk through the gates of the Holkham Walled garden, follow the path around to the far right and stop when you reach the first set of sheds that extend from the centre. There you will see the evergreen climber Holboellia latifolia.....though you are more likely to smell the intense fragrance long before you see it. 
The Royal Horticultural Society website describes  Holboellia latifolia as known for over 100 years, being the first species to be found and described by the Danish  physician Nathaniel Wallich (1786–1854) in his 1824 account of the plants of Nepal. It was Wallich who coined the name Holboellia, naming the plants after Frederik Ludvig Holbøll (1765–1829) who was superintendent of the Copenhagen Royal Botanical Garden. 

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