20 Apr 2011

Did the Schefflera Survive?

Regular readers of this blog will recall the concern for the Schefflera during the worst winter here for 100 years. I photographed this with dismay on Monday but the following day  Tim Marshall, Head Gardener at the Holkham Walled Gardener had a proper look and writes, 

 "I had a rumage and unwrapped the Schefflera macrophylla yesterday  and ....... it is alive !!! It has a nice large bud growing from the main stem just above ground level .... very happy.."

Will Giles grows Schefflera's in his Exotic Garden in Norwich, Norfolk. His have managed to come through the winter reasonably well, though he was concerned. Thanks Will for leaving a comment on our blog. To visit our specimen and cheer it on as it recovers this spring, turn right at the gates and follow the path around along the east wall.

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