2 Dec 2010

Tim Marshall, Head Gardener

Tim Marshall is the Head Gardener at Holkham Hall and is overseeing the restoration of the walled garden over the next few years. Tim has worked at Holkham for nearly three years,  before that he was at Scampston in North Yorkshire overseeing a walled garden restoration there.

Tim had joined the British Cacti and Succulents Society by the age of 10 where he found out about plant collectors. For 13 years Tim has been making annual journeys to South America to collect seeds. He prefers the higher altitudes  where the seed has more of a chance in the British climate. Favourites include fuchsias, salvias, passion flowers and especially euphorbias. 

For an interview with Tim Marshall click on the link to YouTube below. If you can click on upload (usually top right of the video as it plays) it will give a smooth playback.


  1. Awww isn't he cute and cuddly, how wonderful
    to travel the world looking at and collecting
    different plants and seeds, what a gardeners
    Does Tim want a travelling companion?

  2. David Balch06 June, 2011

    We visited Holkham this weekend and walked through the Haha to the Walled garden. What are the avenue of tall trees around the HaHa?

  3. Hi David
    Tim has contacted me to say that the main mix is that of Scots pine and Quercus ilex (Holme Oak).

    Hope you had a good visit, I was there this morning and there was steady rain, but the garden needed it.


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