13 Dec 2010

In Pursuit of the Rabbits

Jonathan Taylor, Deputy Head Gardener at the Holkham Walled Garden has abandoned his expensive orange 'ferret finder' and is getting down, right down, to the serious business of defeating the rabbits.

Both ferret and rabbit have disappeared way down under the giant conifer into the network of tunnels. The future of the new young plants in the Holkham Walled Garden are at stake. Will the rabbit get away via a secret back entrance? Will the ferret decide he'd rather live in the tunnels? Will the Deputy Head Gardener get stuck in the rabbit burrow?


  1. Sounds like a detective story Sandra!! Great images. Loved the post with the superimposed pink footed goose.

  2. Thanks for visiting this site Joan. Glad you liked the goose, I thought I'd show what they looked like and why they are called 'pink feet'.


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