5 Dec 2010

Aesculus wangii

One of the recent interesting deliveries to the Holkham Walled Garden from Crug Farm Nursery in North Wales is the tree Aesculus wangii  (Hippocastanaceae) grown from a massive 'conker' found out in North Vietnam on a plant hunting trip.

This is the plant snug in the restored vinery at the moment  with one of its 'conkers'. By clicking on the photograph to enlarge it you can read the label which explains where it came from and how it was grown. The Head Gardener, Tim Marshall is considering planting this tree out as a centre piece in the garden.


  1. That's a great picture, like the cover of a ghost story.

  2. Thanks for visiting the site. Glad you are enjoying reading it.

  3. Beautiful trees and a threatened species probably due to cardamon plantation hacking back. Shame about the rip off price from Crug though...

    Maybe one day it'll be more widely distributed in the nursery trade albeit as a more specialist plant. From what I gather it needs quite a sheltered site to thrive.. Hope it doesn't get killed with the -10 degree + winter of last year!

  4. I want one! How big does it get?


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