27 Nov 2010

Mole Trapping

(YouTube video, best to download this video for a smooth replay)
Mole trapping continues throughout the year. Jason Hewitt, gardener in the Holkham Walled Garden shows how the mole trap is set in this short video .  The Old English name for a mole was a mouldywarp, mould meaning soil and warp meaning throw. The moles have certainly been throwing up the soil in the part of the garden planned for functions such as weddings. 

Photo shows earthworks by moles and gardeners.

Moles live for around three years and can live up to six years. If you've never seen a mole (and not many people  have as they are usually underground) there is an interesting  short film about  them on YouTube Click Here to make the link and download.


  1. Fascinating! What happens to the moles when they are caught or should I not ask?! Great to catch up on the project and enjoy the photos

  2. Hi and thanks for visiting the site. The moles, dear reader, are dispatched to the great mole hill in the sky in the land of the lost sock. Luckily there is an entire deer park nearby where their cousins can tunnel away to their hearts content.


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