18 Jul 2015

Now's the time

If you were ever to visit the walled gardens at Holkham now is the time, our flagship planting in the "second room" is currently in its peak period and must not be missed.  Planted with thousands of herbaceous perennials the garden room is currently a sea of colour and movement.

Since the last post we have planted our events space where we host weddings, open air theatre and our annual plant fair in September. We have tried to use plants in this space that you won't find elsewhere in the garden, this will hopefully give a different ambiance than the typical cottage garden feel found in abundance throghout the rest of the garden.

We continue to produce fresh vegetables and cut flowers to the hall and with the help of our  increasingly valuable volunteers we continue to raise horticultural standards.

The plants in our vineyard march onwards towards their ultimate "Guyot" form which will give us an abundance of grapes in return for relatively low maintenance.

We even managed to find time to thank our team of volunteers for their efforts with an exclusive BBQ in the walled gardens where they work so hard.

We recently employed a new team member in Helen who is our new project manager.  Helen will work on our bid to achieve funding from the Lottery to restore our ageing glasshouses.  This is really exciting as the Walled Gardens project is really gaining momentum.  Exciting times ahead, we will keep you posted.

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