21 Jul 2012

Countryfile visit the Walled Garden

BBC's Countryfile programme visited the Holkham Walled Garden in July to film  for a programme that is due to be shown in early August and that will feature items from North Norfolk.
The crew filmed an interview with Tim Marshall, Head Gardener, who explained the restoration programme, an interview with Sandra Rowney, Resident Artist, who was photographing the pear trees, and a visit to the sunken greenhouses to look at the chilli plants being grown there for a local chilli sauce manufacturer.

The painstaking planting, weeding and watering in the first section of the garden by staff and volunteer gardeners will now reach a wider TV audience.
TV Country file interview in the sunken greenhouse

TV Countryfile filming at the entrance to the Walled Garden

TV Countryfile presenter Ellie chats to Tim, Head Gardener


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