1 Jan 2012

Carl Balding

Carl Balding bricklaying in the vegetable garden
Carl Balding, gardener at Holkham, has learnt a new skill of bricklaying since working on the restoration of the garden. His brick edges are now all around the new vegetable garden walkways and will be admired for many years to come. 

Attractive hand moulded brick pavers have been laid  on a cement foundation to edge the paths, the paths dug out and hardcore laid ready for a topdressing of gravel.
It is a big job as there is a vast area of ground to cover . Tim Marshall, Head Gardener explains, "There is roughly 300 metres of pathway in the vegetable  area - using roughly 6000 pavers. They are made by a company called York Handmade.”

Carl's careful brick edging

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