27 Dec 2011

Who reads this blog?

The first article: October 2010 The last visitors of the season
The readership of this online journal is about to reach  9,000 page views after just over a year. Tim Marshall the head gardener and Sandra Rowney the blog author are delighted to see so much interest.  The blog began back in October 2010 and the first article depicted the last visitors of the summer season looking down a rather gloomy muddy vista! During that cold winter of 2010 readers were able to  take their first  'virtual' walks around the garden through Sandra's photographs, enjoying the winter blooms and following the construction of vegetable garden. 

The garden gates were shut to the public during the winter but online visitors were able to see the restoration work continuing. There were 200 page views in that first month, increasing to 440 in November and  600 in December. Now a year later there are over 30 page views per day.

There is an international readership. Roughly 50%  is from the United States, and just over 20% is from Europe (UK, Germany, France, The Netherlands and Spain). The UK readership accounts for about 13% of the total.   The rest is made up of readership from Australia, South Korea, Canada and Russia.


  1. Who reads this blog? I do! And it is fascinating... Jx

  2. Thank you J for letting us know you like reading the blog. Without the odd comment it can sometimes feel like throwing a pebble into a very deep well, despite the readership numbers!You'll be pleased to know that the blog author is working on the next dozen articles - so many changes taking place and so many great photographs to share.

  3. As a blogger myself for the past four years, I understand it can seem a bit strange - scribbling down your thoughts while no-one responds. Keep up the good work, and at least you know people are viewing your blog even if they stay silent! Jon x


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