13 Jul 2011

Volunteer Army

The Holkham Walled Garden restoration is moving on apace thanks to the efforts of the volunteer gardeners who join the main gardening team every other Thursday and who work with the Deputy Head Gardener, Jonathan Taylor. Here they are working on the 'Arena of Plants', which will be a planned walkway through interesting specimen plants. The plants in this area are still being protected from the rabbits by chicken wire while in their early stages of growth whilst the smudges in the photographs are evidence of the rain showers which were ignored by the intrepid team. It seems that Winston the dog is not amused or impressed with Jim Dowdy's haul of weeds.

The volunteering team are a cheerful group who enjoy the restoration work in the garden whatever the weather. Nick Martin and Linda Rogers bring Winston along with them, Barbara Oliver enjoys working in the garden whilst her husband is a volunteer in the Bygones Museum over in the Hall. Suzanne Duston is one of the volunteers along with Jim Dowdy, known for his beautiful garden in nearby Wells, and who brings a wealth of gardening knowledge with him. In the third photograph is Jonathan Taylor, Deputy Head Gardener (right) with Jake Hill(left) who is on work experience from the Alderman Peel School in Wells.

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