19 Feb 2011

Scent of Citrus Flowers

The internet has come on a long way in a short space of time but something is missing from the screen in front of you...the wonderful fragrance of these orange and lemon trees in the Orangery opposite the main gates of the Holkham Walled Garden.  The gardeners have been busy in here over the worst of the winter, cutting back the jungle, sweeping and clearing, pruning, mulching, planting, propagating, replacing the heater and even a spot of decorating. 
 The Orangery won't be open in general to the public but Tim Marshall, Head Gardener says to ask him if you are curious and  "We will be happy for them to have a look". You might like to shut your eyes instead and just inhale the scent!
Did you know .....The British nickname of 'Limey' comes from the citrus fruit rations that contained the Vitamin C given to British sailors on long voyages to prevent the onset of to fatigue, bleeding and bruising which was known as scurvy. 

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