19 Feb 2011

Over-wintering the Schefflera macrophylla

How did the Schefflera macrophylla fare over the brunt of the winter? (Click here to go back to the earlier post about wrapping this chap up for the winter). A camera was gently lowered down into the fleece tent to investigate.......
Tim Marshall, Head Gardener says, " I think we have lost the growing point, but fingers crossed it should re-emerge from lower down or from ground level. Growing plants fairly new to cultivation is always going to be a roller-coaster ride !"
When the Walled Garden opens to the public for the summer on April 1st 2011, take a walk around the right hand wall (east) as you enter the wrought iron gates and see if it has recovered.


  1. I was wondering how yours had fared through the coldest December for 100 years? Jamie Spooner built a cover over mine that was open on one side. I think living in Norwich made all the difference as it is only slightly singed at the edges - the growing tip is fine. Must be mad as I have just bought a few more!! Regards - Will Giles

  2. Put it this way, Tim suggested on Friday that I take off the blog item on the Sheffelera. I giggled and asked him if that was because Will G might be reading it.


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